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i never liked introductions and i suck at it.
Sambista and i have a huge passion for percussion and bowling.
i enjoy simple pleasures like going to the beach and having a drink at Starbucks.
little things like making someone laugh can definitely cheer me up.



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Saturday, December 26, 2009

i've been MIA for so many months,im even doubting myself whether i still have the flair for writing.but things aren't gonna be the same.in fact,nothing stays stagnant. So this time,there wouldn’t be the typical, sequential ‘today I did …. Just now I did…. “ this time around, it would be an avenue to express my thoughts.

Okay,lets do this.

A word has been bothering me for so many months,years even. CHOICES.

The cliché goes, always make the right choice.as I grow older,I have never been able to accept this cliché word for word.i have always been on the fence with this one,I mean,what is THE RIGHT CHOICE?how do you know what is the right choice?do you get this churn in your tummy when you know that’s the one?or do you get all exhilarated and you have this tingly feeling inside you? How?

As an adolescent myself, I figured,it’s okay to to make the wrong choice. Its okay to screw up. Because only then will you know what is right.you get my drift? No?—okay.lemme explain,if you keep doing things the right way from the beginning,never had committed a mistake, the things you do is no longer RIGHT for you. Theyre just, routines.mundane tasks. So my point is,in order to know whats right, you have to know whats wrong.

But more importantly,please learn from them,it may be hard, maybe breaking a habit, or treating people right, or even the tiniest trivial mistakes like a math problem,learn from them,for only then can we better people.


maybeits-her♥ 11:55 PM
Monday, July 20, 2009

Bloco Singapura is featured on Suria Channel!

mummmy,did you see me on tv?hahaha!


maybeits-her♥ 9:26 PM
Thursday, July 16, 2009
cross hatch.

did i tell you yet?
i got Lia and myself a new baby!
nope,not another pair of bells but,

its a canon 500d!

dont believe it?!neither do i!
hahahah,dont ask me where i got the money to purchase it.
jatuh dari langit ah.

i cant wait till 1am,cos thats when its done with the initial charging and i can try my new baby out!i shall call it,
baby babie!

and the 2ooth post!already?


maybeits-her♥ 10:27 PM
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
fleeting moments.

i miss you
i miss you
i miss you.

how will i ever know that youre okay ?
how can i lie to myself and keep saying that you are?
how am i supposed to deal with this?

tell me.
tell me now.

oh what i would give,just to see your face again.

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maybeits-her♥ 12:43 PM
Monday, July 13, 2009

aisey man.
my bakal adik ipar featured in the papers lah sey :)
kak zai pun tumpang happy lah k?
hehehehhehe :)
cheers bro.


maybeits-her♥ 6:04 PM